It has been pressed upon us time and again that it is important to learn more languages beyond the classic combination of French, German, Spanish and English and Mandarin Chinese is one of the languages that is always talked about as a great bet for the future but why should you learn it? How will you benefit? Below are 10 great reasons to learn Mandarin Chinese.

1.     Opportunity

china-mapInternational companies are more and more interested in individuals who have Mandarin Chinese skills so that when the time comes they have a fully primed individual ready to send to China and do business on their behalf. If you are a speaker of Chinese then you are boosting your potential career opportunities. Being able to speak Chinese removes the need for a translator/interpreter in business dealings so not only saves your company money, it gives a better impression to the Chinese business customers, partners or consumers.

2.     Huge Export Market

Again from a business perspective, China is a huge export market for anyone who wants a serious career in business. China dominates many of the economies in Asia and the ability to speak Mandarin therefore gives you an edge in doing business with many of these countries too including Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, all of which have large Chinese communities.

3.     5000 Years of History and Culture

From a cultural perspective China is simply fascinating and to find out everything there is to know about China and Chinese culture, speaking and being able to understand Mandarin makes a huge difference. Learning the Chinese language will help you to fully understand appreciate both historic and modern day China.

4.     20% of the World’s Population lives in China

chinese-ni-haoChina’s population is almost unbelievable. It is huge and the population is over 1.35 million, making it the world’s most populous nation and making the effort to learn Mandarin Chinese means you will be able to communicate with many of them or at least make inroads into doing then. Learning Chinese is your opportunity to connect with people in China on a social level.

5.     It isn’t as hard as you may think

Studying Chinese is daunting, especially if you have never experienced a language using a different set of letters and characters before. However, once you get past this idea it is actually quite a simple language. Mandarin Chinese has no plurals or noun declension or conjugation. The sentence structure following the subject, verb, object pattern and once you start learning the characters, you’ll get into the swing of things.

6.     Embrace your local Chinese community

Speaking Mandarin means you can get socially and professionally involved with people much nearer than China itself. Most big cities have Chinese communities or China town areas and speaking Mandarin may give you the confidence to interact and introduce yourself to people in these places.

7.     Tourism

Vector silhouette of a chinese pavilionExploring the Far East is a fascinating experience and with Mandarin Chinese behind you, youwill have more freedom to enjoy a break in China and surrounding countries. What’s more the tourist population from China is huge too, so next time you see a Chinese tourist, you can impress them with your knowledge of their language and help them feel welcome.


8.     Competitive Advantage

People who choose to take their study of Mandarin Chinese to a high level will become truly invaluable to a wide range of different types of businesses. Chinese is the fastest growing modern language being taught in schools because of the growing demand and it has become a highly sought after language for all types of business people.

9.     Enrich your World

Like with learning any language understanding Mandarin Chinese is an enriching experience in many aspects of life, from the people you can meet to the books you can read and the places you can travel and enjoy.

10.     Chinese Food

It may not be the most serious reason but who doesn’t love Chinese food? Learning Chinese will help you distinguish between the different foods more easily and adds fun to your trips out to Chinese restaurants and when reading menus. It’s a fun additional skill for foodies.


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